Hello. I need black tops for work. I'm a medium to large woman or a medium in men's. They can be any type just cannot say anything on them. Thank you.
Okay, here's a special request. I have exactly three moving boxes that need a new home- they're great quality, so I don't want to just get rid of them, but I also know that no one is going to want to drive any distance just for three boxes. If anyone has a bunch of moving boxes they're looking to get rid of, I would love to add my three to your pile, so it's worthwhile for the person picking up...
Our preschool class just got 2 bunny s but the cage seems too small. Does anyone have one over 28 inches they'd be willing to part with? Thank you! Ida
Hi all! I m in deseperte search of some kitchen stuffs. Whether it is a crock pot or rice cooker or whatever, I ll be forever greatful. Thank you!
Looking for working used freezer.
I am needing shelves for an elementary classroom, preferably not too tall since my students are 7 years old. However, I am pretty desperate so I will probably take anything at this point if it's not too big. I have very little available wall space in my classroom so can't do anything wide. TIA!
In need of a functional, safe bike that's in a decent condition for transportation.
Looking for working 48 inch florescent bulbs and fixtures
This is a Hail Mary long shot of a request, but I used to love going to Strange Brew on Manchaca. If I'd known they were closing, I'd have bought a sticker. Or a mug. Or a t-shirt. Or something. Also appreciated: any information on where I might find some Strange Brew stuff.
Paying for college right now so sadly my gym membership had to go. Wondering if anyone has extra kettlebells, weights, bars, or other workout equipment they're no longer using. Happy to pick up. Thanks for your time.
Looking for Martin or Kettle pair shaped dried gourds for crafts 6 inch or larger.
I am looking for bicycles.
I have a deflated yoga ball that I would like to pump up. If you have an extra handheld air pumper or any type of air pumper, I will glad pick-up. Thank you :)
Looking for "rabbit ears" for my TV.
I have truck and an extra set of hands for easy pick up.
Hello Freecyclers! ***REDUCE*REUSE*RECYCLE*** Please save your grocery bags, so I can pick them up them and give to food pantries & others who need them. If people in your apt building get grocery delivered, maybe I can pick up from the lobby.... just an idea. ~Gratefully, Mary
For working out purposes; can pick up
Looking for sturdy undamaged moving boxes, preferably medium to large. Will pick up. Thank you very much freecycle people.
I need a study table to study.
I am looking for packing and shipping materials, mainly bubble mailers/envelops, tape, bubble wrap and some boxes.
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