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Just like the title said, two chicken mascot costumes. Look at the pictures. I am 64 and 240lbs and they both fit well. 150 CASH ONLY
Valued at 75.00 plus. Made by Fenton for Singleton Bailey. Carnival custard glass. Measures approximately 11 dia and 1 tall. In perfect shape with no chips, cracks or repairs. Wonderful crimped and wavey-type fluted edge. Changes color in light and in black light. Incredible back side in detailed, pressed, glass pattern. Three raised bas-relief chickens hens. I am close to Dripping Springs but ...
This vintage piece is in great shape with no chips or repairs. 4.75 Tall. I am close to Dripping Springs but come into Austin on Mondays or Fridays and can bring. 512-785-344eight
In perfect condition. I am close to Dripping Springs but am in Austin 1x per week and can bring item to town then if you like. 512-785-344eight
This vintage piece is in great shape with no chips or repairs. 4.75 Tall. I am close to Dripping Springs but come into Austin 1x per week and can bring. 512-785-344eight
On our family farm we raise pure heritage breeds.We have Rhode Island Reds, Delawares sold out, Barred Plymouth Rocks sold out, New Hshire Reds, Aracaunas and Buff Orpington pullets currently available. These chickens are approximately 5 months old and can be expected to begin laying large brown eggs at around twenty four weeks of age if the weather is agreeable. They free range on our farm and...
GET READY FOR SPRING with a well-built house for 3 or 4 large breed chickens -- 4 x 10 with 3 x 4 house. All treated lumber or Western cedar. Structure assembled using coated screws. 12 galvanized hardware cloth used over open areas. Wheels front and back. The chicken house has a roost and 3 place nestbox. 1250 with free delivery and set-up in the Austin metro area. We will be producing more ho...
Hens here Roosters Below 4mo-1yr inventory changed weekly Catalana Hen 25Buff Orpington hen 30Cochin Bantam Hens furry feet 30Copper Maran Pullet 25Black Australorp hen 30Barred Cochin 30Barred Rock dominicker hen 25Silkie hen 30Polish Top Hat hen 30Golden Sex Link 25Rhode Island Red 25Ameraucana Araucana Hens 30 colored eggsROOSTERSAmeraucana Roo 25Bantam jap 25white Sultan furry head feet25Si...
The coop is designed to house from 2 to 6 free-range hens, complete with two nest boxes and 10 ft of perch barsA r allows for your hens to have a comfortable walk to the roostnest boxes. The included run area gives your chickens the room they need for a few days in the coop while youre on vacationPictured, is an egg-door that opens from the bottom for easy access to your eggs in the morning. It...
Day old to two week old chicks. Straight run unknown if male or female Most are crosses from pure bred roosters and hens. Some may be pure Ameraucana 4.00 eachFertile chicken eggs for your incubator, 7.00 a dozen. Some may be pure French Marans and Ameraucana. Most are crosses between several pure breeds. 2 Blue Red Cubalayas Roosters. One 10 months old, lighter in color. 15.00One darker in col...
We have two custom made chicken coops, one being a great starter coop red coop and one being a larger multi-purpose coop brown coop. They are both used and have been refurbished. The Red coop is selling for 450 the Brown is selling for 750. The Brown coop we used as a breeding coop, it has four dividers, they can be slid out top and bottom. Both insides have been repainted there is a little saw...
Located in Buda, 25 minutes south of Austin on Hwy 35. I have some chicken supplies remaining available for sale. Please call or text me at 51two 878 seven283. It is a business line and my only phone number so press to skip greeting and leave a message if I dont answer. No emails please.Coop 4 deep by 12 wide with swing up door and canvas tarp to adjust windrainshade on door. Includes roosts an...
For sale as pair one hen one rooster. 512-483-4132
For Sale chicken coop 8x 4 big enough for 2-6 chickens has two easy to access nesting boxes. I used treated wood for the base and frame constuction ,will last a long time. It is heavy duty bring a truck or a trailer. 200 obo thanks Dan 402-3800612. house portion is 4x4
Custom built chicken cooprun. 4x4 enclosed coop with 4x8 run.12 hardware clothwire on all sides including floor of run.4 perching bars.4 laying boxes with outside access to get eggs.Lots of ventilation for the girls.Access doors on both sides of coop.Large walk in door to run.Has wheels to make moving easier.Will accommodate 10-14 chickens.I built this about 2 years ago. It is in great conditio...
All Hens are 4mo-1 year or so. Younger available upon request.Turkeys 60GAME Hens 25Blue copper Maran 30Whyndotte hen 25Brahma hen 30 standard bantam Turken naked neck Hen 30Frizzle hen 30Sebright hen 25Bantam serama 30Old English Bantam 25Golden Sex Link Hen 25Catalana Hen 25BARRED ROCK, Dominicker 20-25COCHIN Hens Furry Feet 30Barred Cochin Hens 30RHODE ISLAND RED hens 25Buff Orpington Hen 25...
Heres a chicken coop made entirely out of cedar, 2-3 hens capacity. Ive had 4 in here, but it gets a bit crowded. Selling because I built a larger coop. Assembled with deck screws, galvalume steel roof, the nesting box is pine, but everything else is cedar. Has handles to easily pick up and carry with two people. Its about 2 years old. Must see and pay in person, cash only, free delivery. Deliv...
The Chicken Ark from Chez Poulet Urban Coops and Arks in AustinThis ark is very low profile and can fit in a small space. It is also movable so that your chickens can have fresh grass and so your yard is not completely denuded. It can be easily slid by one person with the chickens in the lower portion or carried by two people with the chickens in the upper portion.All sides open for easy access...
I have 20 chickens for sale. All are adults both hens and roosters. My name is glenn. Call anytime between 7am and 10pm. 512-796-6416. Below is what I have. 1. Buff Orpington. 1 hen and 1 roosters. 25 for hen 10 for rooster. Or take them both for 28. 2. Silver pencil coaching. 1 hen and 1 rooster. 20 for hen and 5 for rooster or take them both for 22 3. Frizzles and cochin bantums. 3 hens and 3...
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